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Alice Lifetime Deal – Best & Number 1 Multiple AI Assistants

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  • Post last modified:8 July 2024

Alice Lifetime Deal is an AI assistant that uses leading AI models to complete mundane tasks with quick replies, keyboard shortcuts, and automations.

But don’t forget, even if time-management methods, such as the Pomodoro technique, may be beneficial, they won’t do the work for you.

That’s why you need an AI assistant that is personalized to do almost any task, such as writing emails and scheduling meetings.

Say hello to Alice Lifetime Deal.


Best for Content creators, Marketers, and solopreneurs

Integrations: API, Make, Zapier


Alice Lifetime Deal is an AI assistant who uses leading AI models to complete routine tasks, fast replies, keyboard shortcuts, and automation.

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Instant AI-powered responses

With this AI assistant, you can find whatever you are looking for without stopping, bringing your workflow to a stop.

Upvote padre with the best models from AI, such as OpenAI, Perplexity, and Anthropic, or even offline models.

Write emails, brainstorm, or even do complex stuff in easy mode.

Store chats held locally for maximum security

Alice Lifetime deal

Work smarter with prompts.

You’ll be able to start optimising your productivity right away by using a library of prompts for frequent, repetitive chores.

Proper grammatical structure, new ideas, and summary generation

Create your own snippets and assign keyboard shortcuts


AI assistants for every task

If that’s not enough, Alice Lifetime Deal will let you create artificial intelligence (AI) assistants that can comprehend your tasks and assist you in finishing your to-do list.

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Create task-at-hand snippets with exhaustive instructions for every kind of task

Delegate your marketing, sales, legal, or administrative work to your new assistants

Let me automate your entire tech stack.

Alice Lifetime deal

You can also have Alice interact with your digital ecosystem by using Zapier or your own API to execute commands via remote execution.

Monitor Stripe transactions and product sales

Monitor daily routines on Todoist, Asana, ClickUp, and Notion

Track development projects and sprints in Jira or Linear.

Alice Lifetime Deal allows you to remove tedious tasks, turn hints into keyboard shortcuts, and assign a few projects to a personalized AI assistant. Make everything you do, become. Secure a lifelong membership to Alice now!

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Alice Lifetime deal


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